BRIEF: Logo, Greeting Card and Envelope design for greeting card company "A Little Something Extra".

VISION: The purpose of A Little Something Extra is to rethink how interpersonal support is given after a life event.

- A mail stamp.
- Typography variations help to the visual rhythm of the long name.
- The period at the end of word "extra" is meant to be an element of support to the overall balance of the image, further emphasizing the value and vision of the product.
- Greeting card and envelope design are made to fit a wallet, to be carried around always without opening until the perfect day.


BRIEF: create a Brand to merge two high ranked real state agents.

VISION: to transmit the team's high standards of professionalism based in their values "Trust. Experience. Results".

- Logotype that resembles construction/architectural firms, to inherit the added value of trust and experience.
- The brand colours Gold and Silver represent solid metals that are seen as valuable and luxurious investments.
- Business cards and signage are the same to create familiarity and quick recognition of the brand. It repeats in all marketing collaretals and social media posts.


BRIEF: rebrand to incorporate new services into the logo.

VISION: to upgrade their old brand to a new timeless version that shows their new services and professionalism.

- The entire concept flows around the element of water, which is the main component of all their services.
- Logo allows to be applied as a watermark and as a recognizable symbol either together or on its own.
- All marketing material incorporates the water drop in their designs.


BRIEF: to create a brand for a Cardiology medical clinic.

VISION: to become a trusted center of Cardiology that serves a growing city and nearby populations.

- The use of the heart was an easy decision. Given the popularity of this symbol the logo was created to always be used along with the name of the clinic.
- All forms, marketing prints, and digital channels have the exact same format and use of colours.
- All computers in the clinic use the website's hero image as the wallpaper.
- The logo is present in the reception area, and in all signage around the building to be easily recognized by patients.
- Business cards are also appointment cards.
- Services are listed exactly the same in all their channels to make sure the message is consistent and simple to understand.

Interior Design:
- The clinic was designed to look clean, modern, and stress and clutter free.
- All artwork in the clinic is original and unique. It is s also used in all greeting cards.

Digital Marketing:
- The website was planned to be simple and to the point with the most frequently asked questions.
- Chatbots, email contact, phone number and fax line are used to provide fast communications.
- Google and Facebook campaign ads are running consistently to targeted areas to make sure SEO grows stronger, and for brand exposure.
- Social Media is used only for presence, with little basic services and information contact only.